School Fees 2019

We endeavour to keep our fees competive in order to provide opportunities for all students.  (All amounts inclusive of GST)

Application Fee (applies to all domestic students)

$200 (non-refundable)

Entrance Fee (applies to accepted students)

$500 (non-refundable)

Tuition Fees (NZ Citizens and permanent residents)

Fees as shown below, will be charged four times per year and will be due and payable at the end of the first week of every term.                                   

$3750 (per term) or $15,000 (per year)

Discount is set at 5% where there are two students from the same family. The discount increases to 10% where three or more attend from the same family.  Discount applies to the tuition fee only.


A monthly payment option is available and if the full year’s fees are paid at the beginning of Term 1, then a $400 discount per family is offered.


Technology fee

 $500 for CDs, etc that the student retains.

Additional Costs  

An Activity Fee of $500 per term is charged and includes transport, event and facility entry.

Overseas Students Tuition Fees (Y7-10)

These fees apply to all students without permanent residence in NZ. It does not include the cost of private tuition in any area or uniform items, which must be paid for separately.

The annual tuition fees for overseas students must be paid in full by 14th January to provide adequate time for a student visa for Mt Hobson Middle School to be issued by the NZ Immigration Service. The fees are: $23,000.00.

This includes:  Application Fee, Technology Fee, Term 1-4 Activity Fee.