International Students Year 7-13

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International Students Years 7-13

Mt Hobson Middle School welcomes International students in all years.  Experience has shown us that students who study at Mt Hobson Middle School find it easier to transition to a larger school after being in a small, caring environment. Students who arrive with minimal English language skills find they improve very quickly as they are immediately integrated into small classes and learn in context (please note, ESOL is not taught as a seperate subject). Our International Manager, Bruce Knox, communicates regularly with parents overseas and ensures the happiness and wellbeing of all our international students. Bruce's role begins long before students arrive in New Zealand to ensure that each transition and arrival is as smooth as possible. Bruce can also advise on applications, visas, accomodation and insurance. 



Pathways to further study

Mt Hobson Middle School educates children from Years 7-10.  Options for the senior schooling years include the Villa Education Trust NCEA Academy (the VNA), which is co-located at Mt Hobson School and offers an individualized education experience for boys and girls in Years 11-13.  The VNA follows the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) pathway – the official secondary school qualification in New Zealand, which is made up of three certificates at Levels 1, 2 and 3, usually studied in Years 11, 12 and 13 respectively. NCEA is recognized by employers and used for selection purposes by universities and polytechnics both in New Zealand and overseas.  At the VNA students can take six subjects across NCEA Levels 1-3.  Academic counselling ensures students can follow a pathway to achieve the University of Auckland rank score for their chosen course of tertiary study (see below), therefore encouraging students to achieve NCEA at Merit and Excellent Endorsement.  The approach also helps students to choose academic subjects that lead to high-quality degrees.

Alternative options for Years 11-13 include transferring to a state or private school for studies in either International Baccalaureate, Cambridge or NCEA qualifications, dependent on student’s preference and ability.  Following graduation from Year 13 at either the VNA or other New Zealand senior school, students gaining the required University Entrance criteria have the option to complete tertiary studies in New Zealand (dependent on Visa restrictions).

For those following the NCEA pathway, credits are awarded for each subject and level. In order to gain a Level 1 qualification, students must:

  • ·            Gain 10 Literacy and Numeracy credits and a minimum of 60 credits in all other subjects, at any level – therefore a total of 80 credits.

In order to gain a Level 2 qualification students must:

  • ·            Achieve a minimum of 60 credits at Level 2 or above plus 20 credits at any level.

To gain a Level 3 qualification, students must:

  • ·            Achieve a minimum of 60 credits at Level 3 or above and 20 credits at Level 2 or above.

For University entrance, students having completed the NCEA pathway to tertiary must have:

  • ·            Three subjects at Level 3, made up of 14 credits each, in three approvedsubjects
  • ·            10 credits in Literacy at Level 2 or above, made up of 5 credits in reading and 5 credits in writing.
  • ·            10 credits in Numeracy, at Level 1 or above, made up of achievement standards and unit standards.

Staff at Mt Hobson Middle School can provide further information on tertiary study entry requirements and the NCEA system.  Further details about the VNA can be found in the VNA Prospectus.

Agents interested in placing children at Mt Hobson, or the Villa NCEA Academy, are asked to contact Bruce direct,

auckland city panoramaOverseas students interested in attending the school should be aware that Auckland offers a great lifestyle as well as learning in a city that one research group recently named the World’s 5th most desirable city to live in.  Offering first class eateries, museums, art galleries, sports stadiums and an all round temperate climate, Auckland is popular with migrants from Europe and Asia.


Mt Hobson Middle School offers various options to International students and agents, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Long Term Study: Students attend the school/academy for a minimum of one academic year, living with a 'homestay family' and studying as part of a maximum class size of 12.   Students will have full access to our academic programmes and examination options.
  • Short Term Study: Students attend for a period of time chosen by their parent/agent. Students are provided with uniform, stationery and a 'homestay family' (if required) and will join an existing class.  This is a good 'taster' option to allow children to familiarze themselves with the school, its curriculum and Auckland or it can be used as an option to 'boost' English language skills and to provide students with an induction to learning in New Zealand.
  • Holiday Courses: We can create specialised packages for students and/or families wishing to visit and study in New Zealand on a short term basis.  These packages can include (but are not limited to) English lessons, academic programmes, specialised sports opportunities and visits to local attractions, entertainment facilities and areas/places of cultural importance.  Stays can range in duration from one week to six weeks, in either 'homestay', hotel or self-catering accomodation options.

For more information, please contact Bruce Knox, our International Manager: 

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PLEASE NOTE: Fees for International Students can be found in the Prospectus and Application form.



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What Families Say - in Mandarin and Japanese

Testimonial from Misako Okawa, mother of Taka who is in Year 8




 Testimonial from Lucy He, mother of William in Year 8

 我们为什么选择Mt Hobson 中学

最吸引我们选择Mt Hobson 中学的原因主要有两点:







Any improvements William has made:


William是今天2月才来到奥克兰,成为Mt Hobson 中学一名7年级的学生。通过这半年的学习,我们发现他真的有了不少进步。


1) 自信心增强